About Venice

With spectacular architecture, mysterious passages, and of course, the canals all through the city, Venice is one of the most interesting cities in the world. No matter where you go in the city, you will find history, beauty and romance. Here are some of the top things to do and see on a visit to Venice.

Grand Canal

The main water road of the city of Venice, padded with many Renaissance palaces, this water way is a colorful and busy display of gondolas and vaporetti (waterbuses).

Piazza San Marco

Saint Mark’s Square is Venice’s largest piazza and the city’s central meeting place. It is probably the world’s famous square. Surrounded by coffee shops and a number of museums, this is the place get a glance of the Venice’s famous architecture.

Basilica San Marco

The centerpiece of the San Marco Piazza is, with no doubt, Saint Mark’s basilica. This outstanding church is Venice’s main basilica and an excellent example of Byzantine architecture. The Basilica is dedicated to Venice’s patron, St. Mark the Evangelist remains and was built in the year 828, which were allegedly stolen by Venetian merchants from Alexandria, Egypt several years earlier. The treasures inside Saint Mark’s Basilica include sparkling Byzantine mosaics and paintings by leading Venetian artists.

Doge’s Palace

Another dominant building around St. Mark’s Square. During the 1,000-year rule of the Republic of Venice, its headquarters – and the residence of its leader, the Doge – were at the Doge’s Palace, now a museum. The Doge palace is a masterwork of gothic art structured on a magnificent assembly of elements, foundations dated 300/400 renaissance style tips, and characteristic signs. It has three big parts: the wing toward Saint Mark’s basin that hosted the major council hall and is the oldest, the wing toward the square, former justice palace that hosted the election hall, and the third is the renaissance wing that hosted the Doge residence and many government offices. In the basement of the Palace were several prison cells, which housed convicts awaiting trial. You can go on a Tour, which will include access to torture chambers and the Bridge of Sighs, which was planned to connect the Old Prison the New Prison built in later times and was located directly across the river.

Bridge of Sighs

Venice’s beautiful and legendary bridge is a must-see for in this most romantic city. As mentioned, the bridge was built in the intention of connecting the old prison located inside the Doge Palace basement to the new prison built across the river. There are a few theories as to how the bridge got its name. The first one involves the prisoners that walked across the bridge on their way to the executioner. The prisoners would “sigh” as they crossed the bridge, probably catching their last glimpse of the outside world. Another theory says that if a couple kisses under the bridge while drifting below on a gondola at sunset, they will enjoy an everlasting love. Thus, the “sighs” are said to come from lovers who are overwhelmed by the romance of the moment.

Rialto Bridge

Probably the most visited and photographed bridge in Venice, the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) opened in the year of 1591. For nearly three hundred years, it was the only way to cross the Grand Canal on foot. This decorative stone bridge on the is one of icon of the city. Take a stroll across the Rialto Bridge and enjoy the lively shops on both sides of it.

Gondola Ride

Gondolas were once the main form of transportation through the canals of Venice. These days, they are generally used as sightseeing vessels for tourists. A gondola ride through the city’s network of canals is also a fantastic way to explore some of Venice’s most famous bridges and buildings.

Recommended Museums

Galleria dell’Accademia

A rich collection of Venetian paintings from the Bizantine and Gothic fourteenth century to to the 18th and artists of the Renaissance can be found in this outstanding Gallery. Its collection of works by Paolo Veneziano, Tiepolo, and Titian and more make it one of the top museums in Venice.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice is the most important museum for contemporary art in Italy. It is situated in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, an 18th century palace on the Grand Canal that was once the residence of wealthy art patron and collector Peggy Guggenheim. Modern art lovers will enjoy this Collection that includes priceless works from the leaders of 20th century painting including Pollock, Klee, Mondrian, and de Chirico